Músicas para ouvir em agosto de 2017 🎧


Todo mês vou compartilhar por aqui algumas músicas para você ouvir durante um mês x. Hoje selecionei minhas músicas favoritas que eu ouvi no mês de julho, para você ouvir nesse mês de agosto *-*

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Enfim, aqui estão elas: ❤

1- Blue Skies – What’s Wrong?

So allow
Me to be a little cynical darling,
The words you’re saying are only directed at me cos you
Got no one else to say them to.

2- Deelaz – Fire Starter

Where do we go, where do we go right now
Where do we go, now that weve been around,
Tell the people theres a new guy in town
He’s a fire starter baby one you cant put out


3- Aimless – Endless Love


4- Cimorelli – Never Let Me Fall

So I fall to my knees 
Tears falling down my cheeks
I can’t believe you give it all up for me
And I will rest in your peace
Cause you’re never gonna leave 
You lift me up, you’re with me through it all
You’ll never let me fall
No you’ll never let me fall


5- Grace VanderWaal – Moonlight

Remember last year when you told me
To always stay here and never leave me
The light from your eyes made it feel like
We were dancing in the moonlight
Remember last year when you told me
That these will be lifelong stories
The light from your eyes made it feel like
We, we’re dancing in the moonlight


6- It ain’t me – Selena Gomez & Kygo – Lindsey Stirling and KHS Cover


7- Kelsey K – Summer Soundtrack

You’re my summer soundtrack
Dancin’ with you on the beach
Jammin’ out in your jeep
Bring that beat back
Feel the rush, feel the heat 
Lipstick on your right cheek


8- Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson

And now your song is on repeat
And I’m dancin’ on to your heartbeat
And when you’re gone, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth


9- Madcon – Don’t Worry ft. Ray Dalton

I’ll take you to the future
Forget about the past
You can keep all of your secrets
I swear that I won’t ask
Let go of all your troubles,
I don’t care where you’ve been
The only thing that matters now
Is where the night will end


10- Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best ft. Hailee Steinfeld

I shout, I swear, I get angry, I get scared
I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes
But if you can’t take me at my worst
You don’t deserve me at my best


11- Promises Ltd – Another Time

If I had you in another time
Would it be different?
Or would it be the same?
Be the same
When all my faith was unraveling
I couldn’t hide my face
I had to pull away, pull away


Me sigam lá no spotify, que vou começar a criar playlist do mês 🙂

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Feliz Agosto! 💕✨